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Haystack | Thick-scented rum | Patchouli
The dry and dark woody scent of the abundant haystack and the sweet rum scent grows in oak barrels as time goes by being in harmony with warmth and calmness. The unique blending of light and refreshing juniper berry and spicy pink pepper gives pleasant tension. The trail unfurls the luxurious reverberation of patchouli and amber with a deep and slow breath in a stable.

Top: Pink Pepper, Juniper
Middle: Heliotrope, Cyclamen, White Rose
Base: Rum, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Amber

Tamburins Perfume
The undefined beauty that Tamburins discovered. Feel the colorful changes in scent that occur over time. Inspired by all the stories scattered around the world, the sensuous scent gives the monotonous daily routine a free and new rhythm.

The Aesthetics of Tamburins
A tactile experience that the gentle curve gives, in contrast to a sharp first impression that feels straight, offers an interesting sense synesthesia as if you were reading things with your fingertips.

How To Use

Spray the perfume as much as you want.
If you spray lightly on the pulse, you can feel the fragrance even more evenly.
– Be careful of stains/contamination when spraying directly on fibers such as clothes and blankets.
– Due to the nature of the perfume, a small amount of sediment may be visible. There is no problem with the quality, so please use it with confidence.

-Key product specifications: For all skin types
-Period of use: 24 months after opening

Alcohol Denat.,Fragrance(Parfum),Water,Butylene Glycol,Linalool,Hydroxycitronellal,Coumarin,Limonene,Benzyl Benzoate