What is your return policy?

While we understand that you might have changed your mind, we will not be able to take back items due to strict hygienic standards, merchant limitations, and other factors potentially affecting the product's quality.

All returns, refunds, and exchanges are subject to the following conditions:

Products valid for returns, refunds, or exchanges are only for those received with any damage, defect, or discrepancy. Discrepancies refer to missing item/s, receiving an incorrect package or product, or extra items.

This rarely happens, but in the unlikely event that you have received a defective product, extra product, or wrong item or package, please do not dispose of them or give them away. Product returns and retrievals will be requested by our Customer Service Team. Items that are part of a set or come in a bundle must be returned as a complete set (any and all accessories included).

Concerns must be reported within 5 days after delivery. Outside this timeline, the product/s could have already been exposed to factors beyond our control which could have contributed to the damage, defect, or discrepancy reported.

Any concerns received after the 5 day period will not be accommodated.

Sale items are non-refundable and non-returnable unless defective, damaged, or found with any discrepancies.

How do I start the return process?

To avail of our Return Policy, please email us at hello@bestbuyworld.ph with the following details:

● Order Number
● Photo/video of the product/s involved including the packaging
● Brief description of the issue encountered
● Specific request and instructions to address the matter

My item is expired/near expiry, what do I do?

We're sorry about this. It is our strict policy to accept only products that have a long shelf life ahead — but sometimes, these things slip through the cracks.

Please shoot us an email at hello@bestbuyworld.ph showing the following details and we'll sort this out for you:

● Order Number (R followed by nine digits)
● Photo showing the expiration date
● If none, please take a photo with the barcodes.

Products purchased with a pre-advertised expiration date are exempted from this policy.

How do I return a defective, extra, or incorrect product?

Please do not dispose of or give away any defective, incorrect, or extra product that you may receive. All defective, incorrect, and extra products received are subject for retrieval. Instead, set these items safely aside back in the packaging they came in.

Incorrect and extra items received should remain in their unused and unopened condition. Otherwise, the refund or replacement will be forfeited.

Our Customer Service Team will provide confirmation and instruction should it be necessary to return the product/s involved.

Should you be requested to return the product/s, please place the product/s back in its original packaging and in the Best Buy World Packaging it came with.

● In the event the Best Buy World Philippines Packaging is no longer usable, please use any box or packaging to properly pack the items to be returned. Please include the Acknowledge Receipt you received with your package and label it with your Order Number using a black marker or a printed/written label attached on its external packaging.
● For products that are part of a set or a multi-item bundle, the whole set must be returned, or else the refund or replacement may be forfeited.

Retrievals for products coming from Metro Manila and selected Greater Metro Manila Areas (GMMA)*: Bulacan, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Rizal will be arranged by our Customer Service Team. No returns fee will be charged for these retrievals.

Product returns from provinces and areas outside Metro Manila may be shipped back through any courier of your choice. Kindly send us an email at hello@bestbuyworld.ph so our Customer Service Team may provide you with further instructions.

The Best Buy World Philippines Customer Service Team reserves the right to withhold the processing of refunds or replacements in the event that the product involved is not returned. For further details or questions, please reach out to hello@bestbuyworld.ph.

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